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Be wary, you’ll get weary

Wary: to be cautious and aware, on guard
I am wary of links in emails from people I don’t know.

Weary: exhausted or very tired. It can be physically tired or an exhaustion of energy, tolerance and spirit.
The weary CFA volunteers were grateful for a cold drink.

Thinking “if you were in a war, you would need to be wary of your environment” may help you tell these two definitions apart.

Verses vs. Versus

Verses: a section of words in a poem or song, similar to a paragraph in text
The third verse in that song was sung a bit out of tune.

Versus: a term to link two things being compared against each other.
It’s Richmond versus Collingwood in the footy this weekend.

vs: The abbreviated version of versus.
It’s Richmond vs. Collingwood in the footy this weekend.

Not sure how to remember which is which? Just remember the us in versus relates to us against them!

The meaning of spade, or is it spayed?

Spade: a tool used for digging and moving dirt
The gardener prepared the new flower bed with his spade.

Spayed:the process of desexing an animal to prevent unwanted young.
The vet spayed three cats and one dog today.

Definitely not two words you want to confuse the meanings of!

How summery is your summary?

Summary: an outline or overview of something
He gave a quick summary of the lecture to date.

Summery: relating to the summer season
The coconut oil and filmy curtains gave the room a summery feel.

What an appropriate pair of words to define this week as they are predicting 37 plus degrees (Celsius of course) tomorrow and Wednesday – summer has certainly reached Melbourne!

Remembrance tip – summer heat is summery.