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If every sentence follows the same format, it is boring to read and readers will give up.

When you edit your writing, look for ways to vary the sentences and your writing will come alive.



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Getting Business Cards to Work for you!

by Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

The business is named and youre all ready for action; business cards are printed and sitting in their box on your desk. So, how do you get some cards off your desk to people who might turn into clients or customers for yo

Obviously, you give out a card to anyone who asks you for contact details and thus you need to always have cards with you. Its worth keeping some cards in your wallet/purse, car, briefcase, a pocket and any other place that will keep them handy; dont forget some in a gym bag, a nappy bag or diary.

 Look after your cards, though, and make sure they are always pristine when you give them out. Consider keeping them in a pouch or holder of some sort for protection.

 The following list includes some more creative ways to distribute your cards; within the boundaries of taste and professionalism, there is plenty of room for creativity!

 v     Include a business card with every delivery of  product or completed service

v     Use the back of a card to jot down a number or fact the other person wants/needs

v     Ask for someone elses card as they will often ask for yours in return to be polite!

v     Hand one to anyone looking for a bookmark or scrap of paper

v     Stick some on community notice boards, such as in supermarkets and libraries check this is ok with the management first

v     Some restaurants and shops have bowls or boards for collecting cards - add yours!

v     Leave a card inside a library book when you return it

v     Get them attached to some newsletters, such as in a school or a sporting group

v     Make them magnetic so people will keep them on their fridge/filing cabinet

v     Have some available in places potential customers may go eg a stand at the counter of a shop or restaurant

v     Include a card with all correspondence, including invoices

v     Use your card as a nametag instead of a plain label just add a pin!

v     Arrange swaps of business cards to distribute with complimentary businesses

v     Give people two or three cards so they can pass them on for you

v     Use a business card as a label on your briefcase, suitcase, etc as it may be seen and noted or asked about

v     Add them to showbags at expos, displays, fetes and the like

v     Stick onto each book or item that you lend out to others

v     Place them in with cheques or other payments

v     Leave a card as a note that you visited someone not available

v     Leave a card with the tip at a restaurant

v     Exchanges at networking functions

v     Announce your arrival at the doctor, dentist, mechanic, etc by presenting your card

v     Include special offers on your card to attract people these can be stickers on the back or hand written on the spot

v     Use cards as price tags on your products, especially at markets and expos


Tash Hughes is the owner of Word Constructions and assists businesses in preparing all written documentation and web site content. Tash also writes parenting and business articles for inclusion in newsletter and web sites.


"Tash has so much passion for what she does and can come up with interesting articles on almost any topic within a few hours."  Ally Lamont of www.webgraphicsbyemail.com.au


This article is available for free use on your web site or in your newsletter.

It must be acknowledged as written by Tash Hughes of www.wordconstructions.com.au and copyright remains the property of Tash Hughes.

Please notify us of your use of this article or to request information on commissioned articles.


2004, Tash Hughes