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Pause to check the meaning

My daughters recently had a confusing conversation because of the incredible similarity between today’s Monday Meanings – sunscreen and skin care mixed in with dogs was a bit strange so here are the actual meanings for you!

paws: [noun] feet of a clawed animal. [verb] touch in a clumsy or dirty way
The mouse pulled thorns from the lion’s paws. Their dog paws me every time I wear white to their house! 

pause [noun]: a period without action or noise
There was a pause in the meeting while lunch was served.

pores: [noun] a tiny opening in membranes such as skin. [verb] be intent and focussed
A facial will open up your pores. He pores over his book whenever Mary goes out.

pours: [verb] to make something flow, such as out of a jug; a heavy flow, such as of rain or events.
Joan always pours the tea before the coffee. We will cancel our hike only if it pours in the morning.

Not so easy to show you how to remember which is which, other than that wild animals may have paws and jaws to watch out for! Do you have a way to tell pores/paws/pause/pours apart?

8 Responses to Pause to check the meaning

  • tashword says:

    This post has my wondering when spell/grammar checks will read the text… It is quite ironic that the standard spell check in my blog suggested I change ‘paws’ to ‘pause’ and ‘pores’ to ‘pours’ in the examples – if only it could truly read and learn about these four words…

    • onlinebusinessgal says:

      I must laugh at times at the spelling and grammar check programs. As you mentioned, they will often suggest that you change the spelling of a word because it does not understand the meanings of words that sound the same but that have entirely different definitions. In the same regard, these programs often will not pick up when an individual has made a human error and has typed in the wrong word.

      • tashword says:

        Yes, it’s best to not rely on a spell checker for correct spelling. My new spell checker is very annoying because it assumes what I meant to type when I make a typo and it is sometimes quicker to delete that assumed word and start again as it is so far from what I actually wanted! I typed “youa re” yesterday and the spell check turned it into “yoga re” before I could correct the spacing.

  • Godric says:

    Some grammar checks are based on Auto Suggest, so i think it gave you the option which it thought would be most suitable for you. After all software haven’t gone to that level of complexity to understand human language and predict correctly in my opinion.

    • tashword says:

      Thanks for joining in Godric. I know spell checks and the like are based on common and expected experiences – I’m not sure we really want them to be able to read and learn as they go! – I was really pointing out the irony of being shown ‘pause’ was wrong while explaining the difference between ‘paws’ and ‘pause’

  • ranjitrgeorge says:

    The auto correct function of word processors updates itself over time as we input data. If the software is recently installed then it may give wrong suggestions, but will correct itself as usage and time increases. I think you have explained the differences in the best possible manner!!

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