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Making school essay writing easy!

While a school essay is not the same as writing for a business or website, I wanted to recommend this great blog post I just read about writing school essays.

The post is aimed at parents trying to help students learn about writing a good essay – and it gives good tips (like SEXI paragraphs!)

Many of the concepts can also be carried into other forms of non-fiction writing. For instance, planning what you will put in a promotional article, blog post, report, flyer or similar still saves a lot of time and worry.

Have a read of their post and let me know what you think…

SEXI paragraphs contain:


12 Responses to Making school essay writing easy!

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  • Essay writing is really tough task for newbies but you made it easy by sharing this useful guide here. Thanks for it.

  • Meow Essay says:

    You can ask a writer for help, for example an Essay service always support me with that. It’s fast and very easy to use. You’ll be always in common with him and are able to ask all info you need.

    And, sorry, but your link to ‘great blog post I just read about writing school essays’ don’t work anymore(

    • TashWord says:

      Hi JImmy,

      I have updated the link now, thank you – I hadn’t realised that site had been refreshed and changed their links. It is still a great article though!

      However, I would be very careful about ‘asking a writer for help’ on school essays – the point is to show off your own skills and knowledge, not a writer’s skills. I don’t write school essays for anyone, although I happily read through them and give suggestions for improvement. I believe to strongly in learning by doing, getting a good education and being honest so students must write their own work I’m afraid.
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  • Kathleen says:

    Writing essay isn’t easy as it seems to be. Sometimes people simply don’t have enough skills for it, or simply don’t have time. If you need help professional team [name deleted] can easily write a nice essay for you in a short time.

    • TashWord says:

      Writing essays isn’t easy for everyone, that’s true Kathleen. Tips like these and some practice makes it achievable though.

      But the skills can be learnt enough to write a meaningful essay – school essays must be written by the student or the assessment becomes meaningless and the student doesn’t learn from the experience as they should. So, sorry but I removed your company name trying to plug an essay writing service as I ethically can’t support that model.

  • stoynsheron says:

    Thank you! You are awesome for making writing essays a lot easier and giving actual useful tips.

  • Ellie Neilson says:

    Your blog is really great and awesome, Tash. You have published only meaningful and valuable information for making writing essays easier and I can’t wait to see my end of year results improve now I can write better essays! Really I like it. Thank you very much. Ellie 🙂

  • Celia says:

    Your published article can be really useful for students, who wish to know about the steps involved in writing an essay, like when students enter their final semesters and need to craft creative and plagiarisms free assignment for submission. Considering how writing and research are difficult tasks for most students, they end up hiring virtual assistance for their writing assignments that would otherwise require a great investment of their time and energy.

    The content was well-written and structured, so students can easily understand all the steps involved in writing an essay to the perfect form. The article also has an instructional touch to it, which allows the reader to know exactly where to start and end when doing this extremely tiresome task-Well done!

    • TashWord says:

      Thanks for such a thoughtful reply Celia. My intent was to help students and wrote it in a way they could follow.

      And I certainly want to avoid students having someone (anyone!) else write their academic essays!

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