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I have just discovered blog carnivals. Essentially, someone hosts a ‘carnival’ and includes links to various blog entries that are relevant to the carnival topic.

There are apparently hundreds of carnivals happening so you’ll probably find one you like, or at least one on a topic you like!

It seems like a great way to find new blogs on interesting topics, and just to learn about a particular topic. Most carnival hosts review the blogs first so the blogs listed in a carnival should be relevant, good and spam-free.

So far, my blog is included in two carnivals:

The She Blogs carnival

Mothers in business carnival

What carnivals have you read and enjoyed?

{Additional content November 2009}

I have since been involved in a number of carnivals (list of some below) and find them a great way to find some very interesting blog posts and blogs. Some blogs I’ve found in this way and have taught me things and others have inspired me (including inspired a number of blog posts which usually involve a link back to the original post so those bloggers get an additional link from being in a carnival, too.)

It is easy to join carnivals, especially if you put good content into your blog in the first place. So if you haven’t joined a carnival yet, why not?

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