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Getting marketing emails read

While there are a number of factors involved in a successful email campaign, I think there are two important points to remember in every marketing email you send out.

1. keep it short – no one is going to read an email that is full of text for pages. Keep sentences and paragraphs short and as few of them as possible, then use white space and images to make it look appealing and quick to read.

2. focus on getting them to do something – usually the call to action is to phone you or visit your website as that is where you can then provide a lot more information

2 Responses to Getting marketing emails read

  • KennyK says:

    Too often I get very long e-mails, where I wonder what it’s all about and what I’m expected to do, or what I can gain from taking action.
    Your two points are simple, but often ignored. It should be short enough to bring across a message, but I should not lose my attention. And it should be clear what is the next step for me to do.

    Sometimes in e-mails I get, I see a good, compact message , but weak call to action (or none at all ..) , and sometimes there’s a button or message to act now, but it comes after a very long text that really is boring to go through.

    One has to combine both and that’s the bare minimum for having a chance at success.

    • tashword says:

      Thanks, Kenny, for sharing your experiences. It’s interesting how you recognise two types of emails – those that are short and those with a good call to action. Now they just need to merge both factors to get better results.

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